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We demand justice!

We demand that the Israeli government will treat all its citizens equally. It is unthinkable that the government will fight the social protests so harshly and then treat other communities with silk gloves. We demand social justice for all, including the residents of Ulpana, of Dimona, of Kiryat Shmona and of Tel Aviv.


The police officer in this video should not stay in the police force for one more day. Go to the Israeli Police Facebook page ( and demand that he is removed from his position in the police. 


Social Protests in Tel Aviv #2

Today Haaretz published my opinion piece on last night’s social reform protests in Tel Aviv.

Here it is for Hebrew readers:

To the Price Tag Members:

Price tag members, no need to spray anywhere, you WON, the government is building 300 residential units in Beit El, just to avoid your violent reaction during the evacuation of five buildings. The Israeli government again moves five steps forward and three hundred steps backwards, the equation is simple: When you build settlements, you damage the chance for two states.

Annual Convention of the Israeli Left

The Annual Convention of the Israeli Left, organised by Peace Now, was attended by over 800 people in May 2012. Amongst the attendees were; ex-Defence Minister Amir Peretz, Labour, Kadimah and Meretz MKs, father of Gilad Shalit, Noam, and J Street President Jeremy Ben Ami. Hollywood actor Mandy Patinkin opened the conference with a rousing speech of support. See the pictures below.


Social Protests in Tel Aviv

The protest last night, in a similar style to Daphni Leef, was not made up, not polished, without Shlomo Artzi, without Eyal Golan, without written speeches and fancy stages. Masses of people hurt, angry and frustrated, feeling once again insignificant and undervalued. Against tycoons, settlers and other powerful groups, most citizens were left without representation and without effect. We must abandon immediately the violent acts, but hope and determination must be maintained. Violence, damage to property or life are not acceptable in any way or any direction, left or right. (Photo: Walk Ayalon)

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